Welcome to The Launch Ladies

Meredith Eisenberg and Jasper Blake - The Launch Lady and Launch LaddieHi there, I’m Jasper (the Launch Laddie) and I’d like to welcome you to the home of The Launch Ladies! (I’m the one on the left, in case you wondered!)

A Little Bit About Us

The Launch Ladies are principally us – Meredith Eisenberg and me, Jasper Blake, plus a slowly growing team of supporting staff. We work out of a coworking space in Albuquerque, New Mexico, called Convivium Coworking and just love the camaraderie there!

A Little Bit About What We Do

Magic Marketing Machine LogoWe are passionate about helping businesses owners to automate their marketing so that they can work less, earn more, and turn their customers into raving fans.   So much so, in fact, that we ended up creating an integrated email marketing and business automation platform aimed at business and life coaches, authors and speakers, called Magic Marketing Machine and based around a very Intelligent CRM.
Meredith is also an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and often recommends that platform for certain types of business. That’s why we always consult before signing anyone up for a particular system – our primary goal is to provide the right tool for the right situation.

If you are interested in trying the Magic Marketing Machine, you can find out more and schedule a free trial at magicmarketingmachine.com.   We offer 3 tiers of subscription depending on how much help you need and our JumpStart package is a great way to get up and running quickly with a solid plan for success.

Where You Can Get Some Cool Free Stuff From Us

Meredith and I like nothing more than to talk about a whole range of things that involve digital marketing technology and automating business processes. When we launched Magic Marketing Machine we created a free companion webinar and laser coaching club called the Magic 8 Marketing Automation Success Club where monthly webinars and laser coaching sessions teach you the Magic Marketing Machine’s proven system for attracting more clients, creating more raving fans, saving time (and making money). It is free to join and the discussions are relevant to all types of business.

In addition there is still a lot of really great marketing information contained in our previous weekly podcast – The Launch Ladies Online Marketing Cafe – where we answer listener’s questions in our Appetizer section, talk about a topic in depth for our main Entree section and then do a bit of marketing myth-busting in our Dessert section – plus many episodes provide a quick recipe that covers the main points of the theme of our main Entree section.

We also love to pass on hints and tips that we come across during our week which we do on our blogs, both here and at Magic Marketing Machine - and our weekly newsletter which you can sign up for here:

Where You Can Find Out More and Say Hi!

If you want to find out a little more about who we are head over to the About Page where you will also find our contact and social network details. If you want to say hi probably the best way is through Google+ or Twitter – or even drop us an email.

We’d love to get to know more about you – you never know, we might cook up something really good together!

~ Jasper