How far will YOU go?

by meredith

working at convivium

Constructing the cone of silence at Convivium

The Cone of Silence…

When I was a kid, Get Smart used to be my favorite TV show. Even though the signal of the nearest TV station that played Get Smart was in a neighboring town – I was willing to go through extreme acrobatics with the antenna to catch the latest reruns of the adventures of Agents 86 and 99 (which made the whole thing seem even more clandestine). I loved the cone of silence gag – where Agent 86 would demand the cone of silence – and then nobody could hear him.

This weekend, I got to help build a Cube of Silence at Convivium (Albuquerque’s best co-working space).

Although co-working is on the whole amazing, the downside is when you get a herd of work from home people in one open office space – there aren’t enough nooks and crannies available for private phone calls. So, the space catalyst and her inventor genius friend (yes, it helps to have an inventor genius friend) decided to build a space age freestanding cube of silence – using coroplast (a light and soundproof plastic). The Launch Ladies (who spend a lot of time on the phone) spent their Saturday cutting out pieces of plastic for the roof. I must say Launch Laddie Jasper is handy with the box cutters…

One of the things that keeps me coming back to the co-working space (which is not that close to my house), is that the space owner is willing to do *anything* to make things work better for the members of the space. With that dedication to “client satisfaction”, I am sure the co-working space is going to be an amazing success.

How are you doing at finding out what your customers really need – and then creating innovative solutions for them? 

Speaking of that, what do YOU need? Is there anything the Launch Ladies can do to make YOUR life better?  Leave your ideas in the comments or shoot us an e-mail.  We are all ears.

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