How I started growing my Facebook fan page

by meredith

Have you heard the expression, the shoemaker’s children have no shoes? Well, that happened to me recently.

One of my mentors was reviewing my social media presence. She noticed that I had a very small community of fans on my business fan page and said “Meredith, how can you pretend to help your clients with social media, when you aren’t doing much with you Facebook page?”

I thought about *that* for a minute and realized that she had a point.

So, I conducted a little experiment to try to grow my Facebook page… It worked – I grew the page from 175 to 430 in just a few weeks.

Here’s what I did and the results:

1. I created a post highlighting my teleseminar e-mail e-book opt-in. I pinned that to the top of the page. Facebook recently changed its rules so that you can promote posts from your fan page once you reach 100 fans. The promotion lasted a few days and cost $10. I added around 50 fans to my page and many new people joined my e-mail list.

2. I participated in Fan Page Friday. I liked about 60 pages and received about 60 likes in response. I really liked meeting people this way. There were two downsides – one was that Facebook sent me a message to slow down. The second is that you can only like 5,000 people. So, eventually, the strategy wouldn’t work. Also, I participated in two fan page Fridays and on the second one, I noticed that I had liked many of the pages the previous week. I also got some new subscribers to my e-mail list.

3. I created a Facebook ad. The ad targeted female small business owners who were connected with some people I follow on Facebook. The ad ran for 4 days with a limit of $25 per day. Over the course of the 4 days I got 100 new likes. I think I might have gotten more likes with a broader base. But, it was nice that I knew a lot of the people who liked my page. And, I can’t wait to get to know the ones I didn’t know a little better.

Final Results:

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 11.38.43 AM

I spent about a week and $100 on building my Facebook page. In the end,  my facebook fan page fan community increased by 250 people, my mailing list grew by about 50 and I got a new clients. Not bad at all for a week’s work at a 100 dollars spent on ads.

What results have you had with Facebook ads?

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