Launch Ladies Cafe: Can A Facebook Fan Girl Be Converted to Google+?

by meredith

Launch Ladies PodcastIn this episode, Jasper attempts to win Meredith (who is a die hard Facebook fan girl) over to Google+

The Appetizer: Meredith and Jasper answer a question about which social network to set up first as a new business.

The Entree: Jasper makes his best case for Google+ and shows how it can help local businesses to get seen on the web. He goes over the basics of filling out a G+ profile.

The Dessert: Meredith and Jasper tackle the myth of how many people are *actually* using Google+ (vs people with any sort of Google account). The answer may surprise you.


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Jasper Blake (@JasperJBlake) February 27, 2013 at 1:42 pm

Google+ Adds Sign-In Feature, Matching Facebook And Twitter

Though it seems like it has been designed to be more functional than just as a sign-in verification. I’ll be using it, for sure!


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