Lessons from Applebee’s: 5 Great Reasons to Survey Your Customers.

by meredith

Have you eaten at a chain restaurant lately?  if you have, you’ve probably been given a code to take a survey in exchange for a free cookie or maybe even a chance to win some cash.  Surveys are all the rage for good reason.  They are amazing way to engage your customers and at the same time find out exactly what they want (so you can give it to them).

Conducting a survey is one of the easiest ways of getting information about YOUR target audience?  You can search on the internet but that usually doesn’t tell you about your *specific* clients.  I’ve been involved in collecting customer data in one way or another (even harking back to the days when we regularly held in person focus groups) and I have been stunned at how sometimes the data for a specific group is NOT what I discovered in my more general “pre-research”.

Here are 5 great reasons for surveying your customers:

  • Check in on customer satisfaction  Just because your customers are still with you does not necessarily mean they are happy.  They might just be waiting for a good opportunity to switch.  Ask questions… see where your customers are.  If they are happy, be sure to ask for a referral.  If they are at all dissatisfied – now is a great time to follow up with them. 
  • Get Feedback as your product is being developed - make your customers part of your development/testing process.  Engaging customers as develop makes them feel like they are part of the process and more likely to recommend your product to friends.  You can find out what your product lacks and what your competitors offerings lack (since they’ve probably shopped around)
  • Develop Products Around What Your Clients Want  Ask your clients to describe their dream client.  Figure out how to make their dream come true.  If you do, you’ll have clients fo life and a product that is truly based on what people need.
  • Figure out which customers will engage with you - if a customer is willing to engage with you — then they are likely to stay a customer for life.  Reward the customers who are willing to come out and “play” with you
  • Use customer surveys to help you to segment your client list so that you can tailor your communications with them to meet their specific needs.

Want to learn more about how to develop a survey for your business?  Infusionsoft has put together an amazing e-book with the basics.
Check it out here.

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