Podcast Episode 31 – Back to (Lifecycle Marketing Cooking) School Edition

by Jasper

Launch Ladies PodcastWelcome to the “Back to School” edition of The Launch Ladies Online Marketing Cafe. But don’t worry, summer isn’t over just yet – its just that New Mexico schools seem to start back earlier than some!

For our Appetizer we talk about Facebook’s new algorithm – no longer called “EdgeRank” – that uses engagement rather than purely chronology to decide where posts appear in your newsfeed.

For our Entree we have a special “Back to School” edition –  ably introduced by Meredith’s soon-to-be 5th grader daughter, Suzanne – where we talk about our very own Lifecycle Marketing Cooking School, which takes you through all the different stages of the customer lifecycle, from initial awareness, to lead capture, nurturing prospects, the sale, customer satisfaction and follow-up, and finally how to ellicit those all important customer referrals – all in 11 downloadable MP3 lessons with accompanying PDFs.


if you would like to learn how customer lifecycle marketing can benefit your business, you can sign up here for our Lifecycle Marketing Cooking School

For our Dessert this week we talk about the importance of Customer Relations Management (CRM) software and its small but growing presence within the business world.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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