Ruzuku Review: Is Ruzuku a good platform for online classes?

by meredith

After you’ve set up your website, your freebie and have your e-mail list started, the next step is usually to create an online class.  The place where we see people get stuck is being about to organize the class information in terms of what is presented in each lesson and how the lessons are made available for students.  The fact is that most us don’t have a background in teaching or training and many of us don’t have (or want to learn) the technical skills to create an attractive and functional learning environment for students.

Ruzuku solves this problem very nicely.   The all-inclusive platform makes it very easy to create well-organized classes that make sense to the learner.  It is easier to set up than using Moodle (an open source teaching platform) or creating the class in WordPress and protecting the contents with a membership software like WishList for Amember Pro.

Ruzuku is offering 50% off an annual license (plus 11 classes, an accountability group, 2 private coaching sessions…) until Friday (February 1).  If you are considering online classes next year – this is an awesome deal (and the price does not go up for subsequent renewals).  The Launch Ladies are also adding something to the mix… we‘ll mention that after the review.

For those of you who want a “quick peek” under the hood – here’s a video.

Here’s why I like Ruzuku:

1.  It is easy to put up a class that looks good even if you don’t know anything about technology.

2.  The format of the platform creates a structure for your classes that enhances learning.

3. Your class becomes a community – there are places for discussion, homework, etc.  Your picture gets shown beside each step as you complete it (just a little bit of added peer pressure).

4. Ruzuku is dead easy to set up – it integrates with Infusionsoft and IShopping Cart – as well as with PayPal.  Put in your credentials and you are all set.  It is easy to set up your sales page, enrollment page and class area.

The price of Ruzuku is normally competitive with other “full service” online classrooms or membership sites – like Virtual Training Academy or Customer Hub.  I think that Ruzuku is a little easier to use than those hubs.  Right now they are running an amazing deal where your annual fee is half off (and stays at that level as long as you stay with Ruzuku.   We like the people behind Ruzuku and think this is a great choice for your classes – so we are going to offer our own little “cherry” on top of an already terrific offer.

The Launch Ladies Even More Super Ruzuku Deal

When you purchase Ruzuku at the amazing deal price -using our link – we get a  50% commission – we would like to credit that money back to you in the form of Launch Ladies services to get your class up and running.  The deal already includes an accountability group and 2 jumpstart sessions with the Ruzuku wizards (plus $1,000 worth of classes already on Ruzuku – including the Launch Ladies’ Tame the Website Traffic Monster).

When you sign up for Ruzuku (by Friday 2/1) from this website,  the Launch Ladies will:

  • Help you get your class set up in Ruzuku
  • Put together and help you promote a preview eventt before the launch of your class.
  • Write all the e-mail messages you need to promote your class and preview teleseminar
  • Work with you to create an effective salespage.

So, essentially, you’ll get a complete “course in a box” – all set up and running for you – for a very reasonable price.  Click here to sign up.  Let us know when you do,, and we’ll help you get started.

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