The Launch Ladies Cafe – Episode 20 – Customer Satisfaction

by Jasper

Launch Ladies PodcastThis week we examine the stage of the Sales Cycle that deals with Customer Satisfaction.

For our Appetizer we answer a question from Kelly who asks “what should you do if you make a mistake with one of your clients?”

For our Entree we discuss different things you can do to – what is known in the industry as “Reducing the breakage” – that is, keep your customers satisfied. Ideally you want all your customers to become “raving fans” – the difference between the two can be as little as showing some personalized attention. We discuss automating your follow-up sequences, customer welcome packets, and personal connection.

For our Dessert we discuss giving your customers a guarantee – of either the risk reversal kind, or the conditional kind.

For our recipe this week we offer 5 ways to ‘reduce the breakage’!

You can listen to the podcast here:

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