What are you feeding your business? – InfusionCon2013

by meredith

Feed your business with good food for thought at InfusionCon2013

What are you feeding your business?

This morning, I waited forever for my family to awaken so I could eat breakfast with them.  They overslept, so I ended up breaking my fast with a soft pretzel at the skating rink.  Yeah, breakfast of champions.

And, after that… the whole day started going downhill fast. By mid-afternoon, the carbs had set in and I was dragging…  Why do we treat ourselves that way?

Have you noticed that when you eat well (lots of veggies, protein, unprocessed stuff), you have more energy and get more done? Yeah me too.  When I fuel myself with “superfoods” life just goes better.

The same thing goes for business. People I learn from and hang out with have a huge effect on my business and productivity. Being in a room with other entrepreneurs is a great way to stoke my enthusiasm and get my business momentum going.  Have you ever been to live event?  Then, you know how it feels. What makes a live event good for you?  The people? The speakers?  Just having time away to work on you business?

My next live event is InfusionCon in March in Scottsdale.

One of my goals for 2013 is to get my Infusionsoft Consultant certification so I can create better marketing systems for my clients. Infusionsoft is an all in one marketing system software for small to medium businesses. Going to InfusionCon is a great way to  immerse myself in all things Infusionsoft so I can help my customers even more.

I just took a peek at the agenda – and talk about a sumptuous buffet of small business superfoodthere seems to be a great balance of Infusionsoft software training, sales and marketing sessions and case studies.  Personally, I like the case studies the best.  I get energy and inspiration from other people’s success stories.  I think I’m going to have a tough time choosing which sessions to attend!

And… David Allen is going to be a keynote speaker.  I‘ve been a Getting Things Done wannabe for a long time.  I’m  looking forward to meeting him in person  and learning from the other speakers, including Daymond Johns from the Shark Tank. (I’ve always had a secret fantasy of being a Shark Tank contestant)  Talk about superfood for your business!

Want to meet me there?  Super discount tickets to InfusionCon2013 are on sale until January 1.  You can get tickets (and find out about the other speakers and conference events) at the InfusionCon website.  Let me know if you decide to go, I would love to meet and learn more about you.







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